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8 Consistent Compounder Stocks of the Decade

Consistent compounder stocks are stocks that generate consistent and compounding returns over a long period of time. These stocks are associated with companies that have a proven business model, strong competitive advantages, and sustainable growth prospects. These stocks achieve compound returns by reinvesting the generated returns back into the company, increasing its intrinsic value and, ...


What is CE and PE in Stock Market and how to use them effectively

CE and PE in Stock Market : Understanding CE (Call Option) and PE (Put Option) is crucial for navigating the stock market. CE grants investors the right to buy a specific asset (like stocks) at a predetermined price, while PE gives the right to sell. These options provide opportunities to leverage positions and capitalize on ...


Maximize Financial Growth: Guide to Trading vs Investing

Trading vs Investing Trading and investing are both popular ways to grow wealth, but they have different strategies, goals, and risk levels. In this article, we’ll explore the key differences between trading and investing and help you determine which approach is best for you. Trading refers to the buying and selling of securities or assets ...


Learn about options greeks

Options Greeks for beginners – Ultimate guide

As a beginner options trader, Pranay was eager to learn about the different factors that can affect the value of an option. He heard about something called ” option greeks ” and decided to do some research to learn more.Pranay learned that the option greeks are a set of variables that measure the sensitivity of ...