India’s costliest share declared dividend of 1940%

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MRF Q4 Results: MRF India's costliest stock of Rs1.3 lakhs released its Q4 results. Profits have declined and the company has declared a dividend of 1940% on face value.

MRF has declared its Q4 FY24 results in which its Net Profit declined YoY basis while Revenue has increased. Board of the company declared a massive dividend of 1940%. This is the third dividend by the company in FY24.


MRF Dividend Details

MRF has a face value of Rs.10, So 1940% dividend on face value means dividend of Rs194 which is final dividend of the company. However the company has also declared an interim dividend of Rs.3 each two times in FY24. So the total dividend by MRF Ltd in FY 24 is Rs200.

MRF Q4 Results

In Q4 MRF’s Net Profit declined by 7.6% to Rs379.6 Crore from Rs410.66 in the same Quarter last year and in December Quarter (i.e. Q3 FY24) it was Rs508.02 Crores. While Revenue has increased by 8.6% YoY basis to Rs6215.1 Crore from Rs5725.39 Crore in same Quarter last year and Rs6047.79 Crores in December Quarter (i.e. Q3 FY 24). EBITDA which means Operating Profit increased by 5% to Rs885.7 Crore.

EPS, Operating Profit & Net Profit of MRF Comparison

EPS i.e. Earning Per Share is Rs 894.93 in Q4 FY24 while it was Rs 968.29 in the same quarter last year and it was Rs 1197.83 in the previous Quarter which is Q3 FY24. Operating Profit margin is 8.07% which was 8.99% in Same Quarter last year and 11.25% in December Quarter. Net Profit is 6.02% while it was 7.09% a year ago and in December Quarter it was 8.30%.

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