Best 13 High Dividend paying stocks in India[Growth stocks]

dividend, ITC LTD

What are Stock dividend

Some generous companies (like ITC) pay their shareholders a portion of their profits through regular cash payments. Not only cash but dividend can also be in form of additional shares. Stocks that pay dividend are from financially stable and well-established companies  Stocks of such companies are considered more conservative investments than companies which do not pay on at all. In this article we will explore some of the highest dividend paying stocks in India

Usually, dividend payments are made every quarter, although some companies pay them monthly or annually. The company’s board of directors determines the payment amount, which can vary yearly based on the company’s financial performance.

Stocks that pay Dividends


Reasons to include in portfolio

Having these stocks in your portfolio can give you a way to earn a regular income stream from these payments. This can offset market volatility and provide a steady source of returns. Dividend payments can also be reinvested to purchase additional shares of the stock, which can help to compound the investor’s returns over time.

I am including stocks with high dividend yield and consistent payout for our selection. Imagine holding a company with a high dividend yield but rarely paying dividends with declining financials. Nobody would want to hold such a company, right?

Which stock pays the highest dividend in India?

  1. Hinduja Global Solutions Ltd 
  2. Vedanta
  3. REC
  4. TCS
  5. Akzo Nobel India Ltd
  6. Bayer CropScience Ltd
  7. Coal India Ltd
  8. ITC
  9. Mahanagar Gas Ltd
  10. NHPC Ltd
  11. Rites Ltd
  12. SJVN Ltd
  13. Tata Investment Corporation Ltd
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