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IRB Infrastructure Share price target 2023 to 2030

The infrastructure sector in India has been buzzing, and one name that consistently stands out is IRB Infrastructure Developers. With the nation’s infrastructure needs growing, it’s essential to analyze the potential of companies like IRB Infra. Let’s study IRB Infrastructure share price target from 2023 to 2030. Infrastructure development companies like RVNL, which works with railway infra, are on a boom in India. Without further ado, let us dive into the post.

In order to forecast the share price target for IRB Infrastructure for coming years, we will study its fundaments and technicals. We will also see of its right time to buy IRB Infra Shares. You might be not aware but IRB Infra is one of the company in Singapore Goverments holdings of Indian companies.

About IRB Infrastructure Developers

IRB Logo

IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd, often simply known as IRB Infra, isn’t just another name in the Indian infrastructure sector. It’s a legacy. With a storied history that spans across numerous landmark infrastructure projects in India, the company has not just built roads but has also built trust. Over the years, they’ve become synonymous with reliability and excellence in the realm of infrastructure development.

What does IRB Infra do?

Well, if you’ve ever found yourself cruising smoothly on an Indian highway, there’s a good chance IRB Infra had something to do with it. Their primary forte lies in the development, operation, and maintenance of highways. But it’s not just about laying down roads; it’s about crafting world-class highways infrastructure that stands the test of time. Their projects, many of which have been executed under the public-private partnership model, are a testament to their commitment to quality and excellence. Lets check some projects which IRB accomplished which will help us study IRB Infra’s share price targets.

Major projects of IRB Infra

Their portfolio is vast, from Mumbai-Pune Expressway to Vijayapura-Hospet Project, showcasing a range of completed and ongoing projects that highlight their unmatched expertise in infrastructure development. From the bustling highways connecting major cities to the serene roads winding through the countryside, IRB Infra’s touch is evident. 

Their Chairman & Managing Director, Virendra D. Mhaiskar, once said, “Developing Highways Infrastructure is not just an Engineering; but a Socio-Economic-Cultural and moreover, an Emotional Bonding with the Environment and People.” This philosophy is evident in every project they undertake, ensuring that they don’t just build roads, but also foster connections.

IRB Infra Share Price Target 2023

For 2023, IRB infra share price target will be ₹33.35 as our minimum and ₹37 as our maximum target, expected to be achieved by the 4th quarter. This projection stems from their remarkable growth over the past few years. Their net sales have shown a consistent rise, from ₹4,640.75 crores in June 2022 to ₹5,721.25 crores by March 2023.

This trajectory indicates a commendable compound annual growth rate (CAGR). The company has capitalized on the government’s consistent focus on infrastructure development. With the government’s ambitious plans to amplify infrastructure projects, the growth horizon for IRB Infra appears expansive.

IRB Infra Share Price Target 2024

As per our analysis, IRB Infra share price target for 2023 will be at ₹42.10 as our initial target and ₹48.65 as our subsequent target. The company’s financial data, especially their operating profit and other income, provides a clear revenue visibility for the next couple of years. As IRB Infra continues to deliver on its current projects, its stellar execution track record should pave the way for new contracts. Coupled with robust revenue growth, the company has also showcased a consistent rise in profits.

Their profit after tax, for instance, has seen growth from ₹283.10 crores in June 2022 to ₹345.28 crores by March 2023. This growth in profit, even in the face of rising total expenditure, indicates efficient financial management.

IRB Infra Share Price Target 2025

By 2025, based on the data at hand and the industry trends, I’m projecting IRB Infra share price target of ₹56.95 as the minimum and ₹61.30 as the maximum. Their balance sheet remains robust, with the company making strategic decisions in terms of borrowings and capital management. Their debt-to-equity ratio, which is a crucial indicator of financial health, has been maintained at a prudent level.

The overall growth in operations and the bottom line suggests a bright future for the company. Considering the current market price and comparing it to peers in the infrastructure sector, IRB Infra seems to be positioned attractively.

IRB Infra Share Price Targets 2026 to 2030

As we look further into the future, the financial trends and the company’s performance suggest continued growth. Here are the projected IRB Infra share price targets

  • 2026: ₹64 (Minimum) and ₹67.55 (Maximum)
  • 2027: ₹72 (Minimum) and ₹76 (Maximum)
  • 2028: ₹79.25 (Minimum) and ₹84 (Maximum)
  • 2029: ₹87.55 (Minimum) and ₹91.90 (Maximum)
  • 2030: ₹98.15 (Minimum) and ₹109.80 (Maximum)

IRB Infra share price target 2023 to 2030 (Table)

YearIRB Infra First Target (₹)Second Target (₹)

IRB Infra Financials

In order to study long term IRB shares price targets it is important that we keep of the company’s fundamentals.

Quarterly Results

Net Sales (Cr.)1,341.02813.33942.181,063.91945.94
Total Expenditure (Cr.)1,101.24756.45886.82988.36872.30
Operating Profit (Cr.)239.7756.8855.3675.5573.64
Other Income (Cr.)54.69149.76106.1092.34158.22
Interest (Cr.)91.3995.1693.7690.8599.56
Depreciation (Cr.)00000
Exceptional Items (Cr.)00000
Profit Before Tax (Cr.)203.07111.4867.6977.04132.30
Tax (Cr.)52.139.324.3221.2522.25
Profit After Tax (Cr.)150.94102.1663.3755.79110.05
Adjusted EPS (Rs)

IRB Infra Future Outlook

With the government’s unwavering focus on infrastructure development, the future for IRB Infra seems bright. Their past performance and the current trends in their financials make me believe that they’re on a path of steady growth.

Things to consider after investing in IRB Infra

While the future prospects look bright, investors should keep an eye on:

  • The pace of new project acquisitions.
  • Timely execution of ongoing projects.
  • Financial health and debt management.
  • Regulatory changes and their impact on the infrastructure sector.

Challenges faced by IRB Infrastructure Developers

While IRB Infra has been a stalwart in the infrastructure sector, it hasn’t been without its fair share of challenges. One of the significant issues the company grappled with in the past was managing its debt levels, especially given the capital-intensive nature of infrastructure projects. Additionally, the company had to navigate through regulatory hurdles and land acquisition issues, which are common challenges in the infrastructure domain. However, their recent financials, particularly the balance sheet for March 2023, show a prudent debt-to-equity ratio, indicating that they’ve been managing their finances astutely.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is IRB Infra for long-term investing?

IRB Infra has consistently showcased growth, especially in its net sales and operating profit. The company’s commitment to infrastructure development and its vast portfolio of projects make it a compelling choice for long-term investment.

Is IRB Infra Overvalued or Undervalued?

Given the current financial landscape and comparing IRB Infra’s performance metrics with its peers, the company seems to be positioned attractively. Their consistent profit growth and robust balance sheet suggest that they offer good value, especially for investors with a long-term perspective.

What will be IRB Infra share price target in 2025?

The share price target of IRB Infra is expected to be in range of Rs. 56.95 to Rs. 61.30 in the year 2025.

What will be IRB Infra share price target in 2026?

As per Fibonacci projections, IRB Infra share price for the year 2026 will be in the range of Rs. 64 to Rs. 67

Final words for IRB Infra share price target

IRB Infrastructure Developers’ share price target appears to be on an upward trajectory. Their consistent performance, combined with their expertise in executing large-scale infrastructure projects, makes them a force to reckon with in the sector. With a history of delivering on their promises and a clear vision for the future, the company stands out as a potential goldmine for investors.

However, as with any investment, it’s crucial to monitor the company’s financial health and be aware of the broader industry trends. The infrastructure sector in India is poised for growth, and companies like IRB Infra are at the forefront of this revolution.

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