Pay Your TNEB Bills Effortlessly: BajajFinserv Simplifies Payments


The Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB), which was established on 1st of July in year 1957, is a vertically integrated utility responsible for power generation, transmission, and distribution in the state of Tamil Nadu. If you reside in Tamil Nadu, you will receive the TNEB electricity bill every month. It is imperative that you pay your electricity bill on time to ensure continuous power supply. The Bajaj Finserv BBPS platform and the Bajaj Finserv App lets you make TNEB online payments effortlessly, relieving you from the hassles of long queues and trips to the TNEB office.

TNEB electricity bill charges

Consumers in Tamil Nadu must pay the following charges based on the number of units consumed per month. These are the recently revised tariff rates (as of July 1, 2023).

Units consumedEnergy charge (Rs. per unit)
0-100 unitsFree of charge*
101-200 unitsRs. 2.25
201-400 unitsRs. 4.50
401-500 unitsRs. 6
501-600 unitsRs. 8
601-800 unitsRs. 9
801-1000 unitsRs. 10
More than 1000 unitsRs. 11

* Domestic connections (across all slabs) in Tamil Nadu get the first 100 units for free, even per the recently revised tariff. This provision was introduced by the former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, J. Jayalalitha, in May 2016.

Step-by-step guide to paying your TNEB electricity bill online

If you are a registered Bajaj Finserv customer, you can pay your bills effortlessly via the Bajaj Finserv website or the Bajaj Finserv App.

Through the Bajaj Finserv website

Here’s a step-by-step guide that will help you make bill payments through the Bajaj Finserv BBPS platform.

  • Step 1: Visit the Bajaj Finserv website
  • Step 2: Sign in using your registered mobile number
  • Step 3: Under the ‘BILLS AND RECHARGES’ header, click ‘ELECTRICITY’
  • Step 4: From the list of providers, choose Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB)
  • Step 5: Enter your Consumer Number and click ‘FETCH YOUR BILL’
  • Step 6: Check your TNEB bill and choose your preferred payment method from the available options
  • Step 7: Enter the relevant details and click ‘PAY NOW’

Your payment will go through immediately, and you will receive a confirmation message once the transaction is complete.

Through the Bajaj Finserv App

Most of us prefer making bill payments using our smartphones. Here’s how you can make the TNEB online payment using the Bajaj Finserv App.

  • Step 1: Download and install the Bajaj Finserv App
  • Step 2: Register, log in, and go to the ‘BILLS AND RECHARGES’ section
  • Step 3: Tap on the ‘ELECTRICITY’ icon and choose Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB) as your service provider
  • Step 4: Enter the Consumer Number and tap ‘FETCH YOUR BILL’
  • Step 5: View your TNEB electricity bill and choose a payment method from credit cards, debit cards, UPI, and net banking
  • Step 6: Provide the required details and tap ‘PAY NOW’ to finish the transaction

Why choose Bajaj Finserv to pay your TNEB bill

Bajaj Finserv offers several services, including the BBPS platform and the Bajaj Finserv App, to streamline monthly bill payments. The TNEB online payment becomes simple and convenient, and you can enjoy the following benefits by making the payment through Bajaj Finserv.

  • Reliable and secure: The Bajaj Finserv BBPS platform uses advanced encryption technology to safeguard your financial and personal information, thus protecting you from fraud and cyber attacks. The Bajaj Finserv App also allows you to turn on multi-factor authentication, including facial recognition, ensuring no one else can log into your account.
  • Instantaneous transactions: After checking your TNEB bill, you can make an instant TNEB online payment, and you will receive the transaction details immediately. Since the payment will be processed instantly and securely, you can forget about late payments or discrepancies in your bill settlement.
  • Multiple payment options: Another highlight of the BBPS platform and the Bajaj Finserv App is their flexibility. You won’t have to stick to just one payment method; you can choose from debit or credit card, net banking, UPI, and Bajaj Pay Wallet. Additionally, you can save your preferred payment method for future use, eliminating the need to enter payment details every time you make a payment.
  • Simple bill management: Making the TNEB online payment through Bajaj Finserv simplifies bill management. If you use the Bajaj Finserv BBPS platform to pay TNEB bill, the platform will store your payment history and provide access to past bills. This allows you to track and monitor your expenses and payments—all in one place! Additionally, you can set up payment reminders and notifications to ensure you never miss a payment deadline.
  • Quick and effortless process: With Bajaj Finserv, paying your TNEB electricity bill is a quick and effortless process. With a stable internet connection and access to your smartphone or laptop, you can check your TNEB bill and make the payment in just a few simple steps.

Making TNEB online payments is incredibly simple and convenient, thanks to the Bajaj Finserv BBPS platform and the Bajaj Finserv App. Whether you choose to make payments using your smartphone or your laptop, you can rely on the services offered by Bajaj Finserv to make hassle-free bill payments. You can also enjoy several benefits, such as better bill management, enhanced security, and greater flexibility, and ensure you make payments on time. With Bajaj Finserv, you can make smart choices and reap the rewards of a modern and streamlined payment process.

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