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As a beginner in the stock market, we always fear losing a lot of money while Trading. But is it possible to learn trading in real time without actually having to invest real money? The answer is YES! Virtual trading apps, also called ‘Paper trading apps’ allow us to trade with demo money so that we can avoid losing real money. In this post will find some of the Best Virtual Trading app available in India.

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What are virtual trading apps

virtual trading app

A virtual trading app is a platform that allows users to practice trading and investing without using real money. Unlike regular Stock Brokers, these apps provides users with virtual currencies. This demo money can be used to buy and sell stocks virtually. You can learn about investing and experiment with different trading strategies on such virtual stock trading apps without risking real money.

Key Factors to consider while choosing virtual trading app

  1. User Interface and Experience: Look for a virtual trading app that is easy to use and navigate. It should have a simple design that makes it easy for you to understand and use.
  2. Availability of Markets: Make sure the app gives you access to a wide range of markets, including stocks, bonds, commodities, and options. This allows you to practice trading in different types of investments.
  3. Real-Time Data and Tools: Check if the app provides up-to-date information about the market, such as current prices and news updates. It should also have tools that help you analyze the market, such as charts and indicators.
  4. Portfolio Tracking and Performance Analysis: The app should let you keep track of your virtual portfolio’s performance. It should show you how much money you’ve made or lost, and provide details about your trades.
  5. Pricing and Costs: Consider any fees or subscriptions associated with the app. Make sure you understand what you’re paying for and if it’s worth the cost.

Best Virtual Trading App #1 - Frontpage

FrontPage is an excellent Virtual Trading app for beginners new to the market. FrontPage allows users to paper trade in Stocks, Options, and futures. The UI is clean with no glitches. It also has real time data with almost no delay. However, the only problem with frontpage is that you cannot exit half of the quantities after a trade. You have to exit total quantities compulsorily. The app is available on both Android and IOS and the best part is, its completely FREE!

Best Virtual Trading App #2 - Sensibull

Sensibull by Zerodha is a premium platform which not only has virtual trading also has features like option chain analysis, strategy building, etc. However, to use their dummy trading feature, you will need a Pro plan. Sensibull’s paper trading feature will cost you ₹ 590/ Month.

Best Virtual Trading App #3 - Neostox

Neostox is another popular trading simulator where you can trade equities, futures & options in near real-time with virtual money. Moreover the Ui is like any other real broker app, which is excellent. However, after personally trying myself and as per many other reviews, I found Neostox to be glitchy. They provide 10 days free trial, after which it will be 260/Month for 3 trades per day.

Best Virtual Trading App #4 - StockMarket Simuation Trading

StockMarket Simulation Trading is another good app with over 500K+ downloads on playstore. It has an average rating of 4.0 on PlayStore. Ui is user friendly that is easy to navigate. However, the app is not available for Apple devices. You can trade stocks and options, share your portfolio with friends and analysis weekly reports. 

Best Virtual Trading App #5 - Trading App 2.0

Trading App 2.0 – Developed by KavKrishApps with over 100k+ downloads on play store and an average rating of 4.6; this app helps users to trade Stocks, futures and Options virtually. They provide lifetime free account for users who open brokerage account via their affiliate. Some users, however, claimed that price updates are laggy.

Best Virtual Trading App #5 - MoneyControl

MoneyControl is a popular platform among traders and investors. MoneyControl also allows users to make virtual portfolios. You can add stocks, Mutual funds, ULIPS, etc on moneycontrol. You will not be able to paper trade options here. Users can also compare their portfolios to that of Big Shark Investors. But you will need a PRO subscription to be able to trade virtually.

Best Free Paper trading apps in India

App namePosition
NSE Paper Trading App 2.0 - by KavKrishApps5th
Stock Market Virtual Trading App6th


After self-testing many different apps, I found Frontpage as the best Virtual trading app available for free. Neo Stox is also very good in terms of functionality, but sometimes the app is glitchy. I hope this post helps you to decide the best paper trading app for your need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Paper Trading is free as it does not require you to actually put money in stock market. However dummy trading platforms may charge you nominal fee to use their service

Yes zerodha has an app called Sensibull which has feature for paper trading.

Paper trading is important for new traders as it will help them to learn the dynamics price action without worrying about loosing real money.

You cannot make money paper trading as the money you make or loose is virtual money which cannot be withdrawn.

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